"Hats off to Drew. We love working with photographer Drew Donovan. He has an impeccable eye and is fearless about doing whatever's required to get the shot, but more than that he's smart and easy to be around. Sometimes this counts for everything."

Lana Rigsby  *  Founding Principal at Rigsby Hull Design


"To use a baseball metaphor, if Drew Donovan played baseball he would be the lead off hitter, the go-to guy, extremely consistent, a very high percentage of success, gets things done quickly, creating momentum for the rest of the team, and creative in how he approaches the game and how he strives to improve his abilities. And at the end of the day, after the game is over, he spends time with the people who came to the game, signing autographs for the kids, expressing gratitude to the people and community who came out to support the team. For those reasons, Drew has been a part of my team for 20 years and he's never let me down."

 Doug Hebert  *  Principal and Design Director at Savage Brands


     "What a professional! I have worked with Drew Donovan for several years on our photography projects. He has shot for us in the field and in the office. What I like about Drew is that he provides the ultimate deliverable. He's a perfectionist, but yet is flexible. He thinks outside the box, not giving me the status quo but the innovative. And... he gives us options! I know when Drew comes to work, I'm going to get everything I needed and more. He's talented, imaginative and resourceful."

Cindy Hassler * Director, Corporate Communications at Encana Corporation